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buzzed, B&W
Allright, for the handful (or maybe even just half a handful) of people who read this page, I have a challenge. Pick three words to describe me. Sometime next week, I'll post my three words. I'm doing this since last night while I was strugling to sleep, I remember that this was one of the questions on the MIT application I didn't complete. I also think it's important to rank them in order of importance. So, for example, one might pick these three: funny, gregarious, and Jewish. Or perhaps male, perverted, and facetious. Or maybe dumb, dumber, dumbest. I think the order of the words could make a big difference, perhaps even more important than the selection of the words. And of course, the words that don't make it are also important.

Anyway, please comment - it should be interesting - and you can do it for yourself as well as for me. If you do it for yourself, I'll reply and post three words that I think describe you - warning though, I will not mince words when I do this. When you only have three words, the might not all be pleasent (i.e. I could see using insecure, doubting, bitchy, etc) Have at it!

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three words

Haiku, Jenga, Exergy

thanks for being the first to respond . . . though as I just told you on IM I don't see how a 5/7/5 verse, usually about nature or the seasons, a game where the goal is to build a shaky tower as tall as possible, and the usefulness of energy/how easily you can get work from energy are applicable to me

Still, thinking this over and trying to see how you think those nouns are respective of me should be interesting . . .

So maybe you think I'm simple and efficient like a haiku, constantly trying to improve myself, but w/o a stable foundation as in Jenga, and someone who measures the quality of things, as exergy measures the quality of energy - a rather superficial analysis - I'll think about this more . . .

oh, just to balance things out:

maybe you think I'm as shallow as a poorly written haiku, being just a random jumble of words which is trying to appear sophisticated, as dense as a block of woods, and as crumble-prone as a game of drunken Jenga, and constantly judging and measuring the worth of people in a formulaic manner, instead of treating them like human beings

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