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Sixteen Candles and weddings
buzzed, B&W
So I just got done watching Sixteen Candles for the first time in my life. Pretty good flick, cheesy, but good. Wouldn't it be cool if our lives were as storybook perfect as movies?

Anyway, the wedding at the end reminded me of an IM conversation I had last night about weddings. The guy is getting married and I was asking about his ceremony and reception. Their plans are a bit rushed as he's going to finish up his graduate work in Australia, so he's got to move over there, and they want to get hitched before. Anyway, we were talking about who is the wedding for? Is it for the couple? The parents? The spectators? Whoever is paying for the shindig? He mentioned that he had a friend who told his bride's parents to screw off, and cancelled his wedding because it was turning into their event, and not him and his bride-to-be's. I thought that was kind of cool, but I don't think I'd do it unless it got really extreme. The way I see it, a wedding is as much a family event, as it is a bride-and-groom deal. Esepcially if the bride's parents are paying, I think they should be involved in the planning, but also while trying to respect the wishes of the couple. Ideally, those parents would do whatever the couple wanted, but I also realize it's a lot of money. I did find it interesting that Shaun and Kristen told their parents that they didn't want any guests they weren't friends with, which basically meant none of their parents' friends.

It's interesting cause I keep saying when I get hitched, my wedding will be more of a party than a formal event. Non-religous ceremony of course, since I don't believe in a higher being, which makes it easier to do non-traditional. Part of me thinks a pool party could be fun, where we have the ceremony in the pool, with some cool floating candles and arches and stuff. The other part of me though thinks, 20 years from the wedding, what am I going to think looking back at the pictures? Oh well . . . just mindless meanderings as I don't see myself getting married any time soon (perhaps ever . . . )