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buzzed, B&W
oh, and I really wish Springfield wasn't a second, perhaps third-tier city so I could see movies like this . . . seems like it stereotypes the whole growing up too fast thing a bit, but it also seems like it's emotional and powerful - of course, what do you expect from 60 second previews?

Hmm, just looked at the page for the movie and it got hammered by users - 4.4/10 - maybe it's not so good . . . but I'm still interested to see what a script that was co-written by a 13 year old is portraying . . .

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I think it's supposed to released nationwide next month sometime, so you should be able to see it, even in podunk Springfield. I had the View on the other day, and they had the lead actress and the girl that co-wrote it on. It does look to be an interesting movie -m

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