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The OC
buzzed, B&W
So, while I'm now a TV whore, I've been watching the O.C. and tonights episode featured a debutante ball, and they introduced a new character who's sort of a geeky girl. Was interesting that her character mentioned "graphic novels" and the recent rash of super hero movies publicizing them. She also made some random reference to Princess Mononoke - which wasn't appropriate as far as I know. She was referring to another girl as a Cinderella type. It's a shame that it seems the character isn't going to stay on the show.

It's interesting how often that show has fist fights - I think they're trying to show that even rich people sometimes give in to low brow antics. I'm not sure that's accurate - the fisticuffs tonight were the result of a guy losing $250k in investments. We're talking about people living in multi-million dollar mansions, from old money, with Ivy League degrees - it's not like they would throw a punch over a guy losing $250k. To them that's a rather small amount of money, not to mention that people from old money really do have different attitudes towards money.