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I'm bored
buzzed, B&W

1) Been so drunk you blacked out: nope - in fact I'd say I've never been drunk
2) Been hurt emotionally: of course
3) Kept a secret from everyone: absolutely
4) Had an imaginary friend: nope
5) Cried during a movie: does misting count?
6) Had a crush on a teacher: no
7) Ever thought an animated character was hot: nope.
8) Had a New Kids on the Block tape: negative.
9) Been on stage: do elementary school plays or graduation count?
10) Cut your hair yourself: yep - was patchy as hell the first time I buzzed it


11) Shampoo: head and shoulders at the moment
12) Color(s): black, orange, earth-tones
13) Day/Night: night
14) Summer/Winter: probably summer
15) Lace or satin: satin
16) Fave cartoon Characters: I don't know - Fry maybe?
17) Favorite Food: carbs - pasta, breads, potatos, etc
18) Fave movie(s): Kevin Smith flicks, Princess Bride, Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail
19) Fave Ice Cream: anything dense (i.e. Dreamery, Ben and Jerry's, etc)
20) Fave School Subject(s): physics
21) Fave 'normal' drink: water
22) Fave Persons to talk to online: changes hourly
-----------------RIGHT NOW------------------

23) Wearing right now: boxers
24) Hair is: messy
25) Eating: nothing - I need to have some lunch
26) Drinking: nothing - I need to refill my water bottle
27) Thinking about: nothing - do we see a patter here?
28) Listening to: Know How - "See Her Again" off CD 3 of the Ska Still Standing compilation
29) Talking to: myself
30) Cried: eh?
31) Worn a skirt: high school homecoming, '96-'97 school year
32) Met someone new: last night
33) Done laundry: last weekend
34) Drove a car: last night

---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN-------------

35) Yourself: absolutely
36) Your friends: what friends?
37) Santa Claus: St. Nick as a historical figure
38) Tooth Fairy: does my Dad's wallet count?
39) Destiny/Fate: absolutely not
40) Angels: nope
41) Ghosts: nope
42) UFOs: quite possible

------------FRIENDS AND LIFE----------------

43) Look Like anyone: not particularly
44) Who's the loudest: probably Garr
45) Who's the weirdest: I'm going to plead the Fifth on this one
46) Who do you cry to: no one
47) What's the best feeling in the world: that feeling you get after everything works out just so for you on the project you've been working on for oh so long
48) Worst Feeling: wondering "does she 'like-me' like me?"