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wow, so last week I was browsing the web, and somehow stumbled upon Still Standing, a 4 CD ska compilation. On an impulse I bought it (which is not something I should have done as I'm poor.) I've only listened to one of the 4 CD's, but the approximately 20 bucks I paid for the four is worth it with that one just alone. While there are a lot of ska bands that I don't recognize on the cd, there are many well known bands: Toaster, Mu330, the Chinkees, the Pietasters, Forces of Evil, Mustard Plug, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Bosstones, etc etc. Overall, it's just a very cool CD.

On another note I'm Birkenstock-less till the end of the week. :( I noticed yesterday that I'd worn through the heel on one of my sandals, and the other was getting close, so I did some searching on the web and found a local Birkenstock repair place. Anyway, for 17 bucks, I'm getting the sandals re-heeled and grinded and resealed. Seems like a good deal to me.

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