hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Canoe pickup

So these last two days I was on this canoe trip where we were cleaning and picking up trash. We camped Wednesday and Thursday, while canoeing Thrusday and Friday. I had a pretty good time - the river was amazingly clean, the water was clear, and the weather was great. I have a bit of sunburn, but it's more of an annoying sunburn, not a "ack, my skin is falling off" sunburn.

My one complaint would be people who complain, when they don't really have any reason to. There were three girls who went, and they were good friends, and they're sort of girly (i.e. they brought something like 5 swimsuits, griped about camping, etc). Anyway, they were all in one canoe, and while they did pick up some trash, most of the time I saw them they were just floating on the river, getting some sun. Now, since they weren't in my boat, I didn't think anything of this. Apparently, later one of them heard someone else say something along the lines of the "those three girls didn't pick up any trash," at which point the girl started complaing. One of the best remarks I heard in response to that was "What do they expect, it's trash!" Imagine picking up trash while on a trip that's called the 4-H Scavenger Hunt and is intended for trash pickup . . .

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