hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Dumb phone

So, I'm trying out using a "dumb" phone for a week, mainly to try and be more present and have less distractions in my life.

The phone I'm using is a Nokia 3310 3G, a phone that's trying to cash in on the nostalgia of the classic Nokia candybar phones.  I actually would rather have a simple flip phone, but apparently most of the flip phones on the market don't work with 3G networks.  I got the phone last week, and then had to give it another few days before I got a nano-to-micro SIM card adapter.

While I was waiting on the SIM card adapter, I had played around with the phone a little bit, trying to see if there was an easy way to import contacts. An online search turned up this post and video, but the phone I have doesn't have those options.  Digging into the Contacts, the only option is "Sync Android via Bluetooth".  I tried exporting the contacts via Bluetooth several different ways from an old LG Android phone I've got (running Lollipop, 5.1.1), and got mixed results, but still only have partial contacts.  I figured it'd be good enough, but the two people who've texted me so far and the one I needed to text today, I didn't have contacts for.  I had Leia in my phone, but only because I used her info to spot check the import (and I had to manually sync her contact explicitly).

In any case, lunch today really highlighted how dependent I am on my smart phone:

  • I forgot about my lunch appointment (that my phone would have reminded me of due to it's syncing with my Google Calendar)

  • I remembered half way out the door, and then checked my phone, seeing a text message from someone saying they were running late.  I assumed that was the friend I was supposed to be meeting, but didn't know 100% since the contact wasn't in my phone

  • I figured I'd grab a Car2Go or ReachNow since I was running behind, but then realized I didn't have my phone so I couldn't find or unlock a car.

  • I thought I'd grab a Biketown bike, but not seeing one and not having my phone, I went back upstairs to my office to check the website to find out where a bike was (you can unlock the bikes using a combination of a member number and a PIN)

  • I finally got the bike and rode across the bridge, and realized that I didn't remember exactly where Kalé was.  I fumbled through using the version of Opera on the phone and got an address and then got there.  Whole thing took me close to 20 minutes.

Other things I've thought of that I'll run into issues with are the various sites and logins that I've got two-factor authentication enabled, generating VPN keys, etc.  Other uses of my smart phone that I can't do well on the new phone are podcasts, step-counting, checking in on Swarm, and who knows what else.  I think the plan now is to keep carrying the iPhone, though it'll likely stay in my pocket for everything except podcasts and checking in on Swarm if there's wi-fi.

While the lack of notifications has been nice, this week is definitely going to be painful.
Tags: 3310 3g, dumb phone, iphone, nokia, tech

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