hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

A changing workplace?

So, while I was frustrated with the panel about women in tech, it makes me want to approach the question of gender equity in tech from the other side.

What would a workplace look like that gave all employees the "temporal flexibility" that seems to equate to much of the gender pay gap, what does the workplace look like? Can such a company survive in a capitalistic society?

What happens when we encourage new fathers to take as much paternity leave as new mothers? While I think there will always be the driven, those who want to be the best of the best, to strive to become partners, the best surgeons, etc, is this the ideal?

Would a company that tries to reach such a balance be viable? Could it survive against competitors and other companies in the field? Would it be driven out of business by more traditional companies?

I wonder if a company with a workforce 50% larger, but with each employee only working 2/3 as hard (in terms of man hours) compete?
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