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I miss writing
buzzed, B&W
It's been a while since I've written.  I should do it more.  Some random thoughts:

  • I've been on LJ for almost 5,000 days.  It's changed a lot from my first whiny teenager post.  I feel committed to them since I got a permanent account back in 2005, and my profile is a bit of a time capsule.  It's interesting to see how they've evloved (or arguably gone stagnant), especially compared to Blogger, WordPress, Medium, etc.  I think I feel committed to them mainly since the history, but it's not a great platform for actually writing, with the various interfaces all feeling a little (or a lot) dated.  Maybe some day I'll bite the bullet and actually start my own blog on my own domain . . .

  • I was prompted to write as I was evaluating read-it-later apps.  Trying out Instapaper since it seems to have the best ecosystem, and it integrates with the feedly app (and I still lament the shuttering of Google Reader).

  • I'm writing less . . . I'm not sure why.  My main outlet used to be on Yelp, but moving to Portland seems to have really cut down my participation.  One of the reasons seems to be not getting tapped into the Yelp community on Portland, but that's only part of it.  (I was active on Yelp long before Reno had a community manager.)  Another factor is likely just overload - when we first moved here, we were probably trying out a 5 to 10 places a week.  They all start blurring together after a while, and writing about them becomes harder.  I'm trying to make an effort to write more (which likely means I'll have to revert to that guy taking food pictures pictures so I can have visual reminders for writing).  There's also a part of me that wants to try writing on professional topics, related to software testing . . . I keep thinking I should write about an experience learning a new library, things related to the process and culture, etc . . . just have to make myself do it.  Interesting as I site here writing and reflecting, I just saw Amit posted on Facebook about writing more . . .