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Test thoughts
buzzed, B&W
Some random QA related stuff I've read recently:
  • Jonathan Kohl had a recent blog post about Designing a Gamification Productivity Tool that caught my attention, since it was something I had thought about during my previous employment. Clearly, Kohl went much further than my idle ruminations with a co-worker. Something I think could still be interesting, and the idea of going beyond competition, points, and achievements to co-operative play, quests, etc is interesting, especially for large teams.

  • Future of Testing and Automation: The Role of the Tester in 2020 - Has a great quote:
    We also discussed that the developers will never become good testers and testers will never become good coders. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Besides delving into requirements and ensuring common understanding between stakeholders and development teams, testers will need to become more technical to understand the risks sooner rather than later. Otherwise, they will have a hard time in 2020.
    The distinction between testers and coders is something I noted in my previous post about my job search, how I consider myself a tester who can code, whereas it appeared the company I was intereviewing with really wanted a coder who could test.

    The notion of testers having to become more technical also resonates, and was something we were struggling with at my previous job, e.g. we had a lot of testers who were content to run test cases, but in my opinion, weren't showing the initiative to grow more technical, learn more about testing,