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buzzed, B&W
Um, who's brilliant idea was it to open a gay high school? From the article:

The Hetrick-Martin Institute’s Web site says the school will give its students “an opportunity to obtain a secondary education in a safe and supportive environment. ... We believe that success requires the ability to respect and value the diverse human community.

If you want to teach respect and value of diversity, don't you think students need to be exposed to it, rather than segregating students? Okay, so high school kids are pretty harsh, and sometimes gays, homosexuals, transgenders, etc are forced to hide who they are in high school to avoid torment. I guess the theory is that by the time students get through high school, they're mature enough not to be harsh to their peers? I just feel that the school is setting up a big target for all the homosexuals, and also shielding them from the real world.


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