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Positive Thinking
buzzed, B&W
When I was younger, I was pretty cynical, and thought things like meditation, introspection, etc were kind of silly.  Somewhere along the line, probably while I was an AmeriCorps VISTA Leader in Montana and helping training our incoming members, I saw (and eventually internalized) the value of being open to these types of activities.

I'm still far from a touchy-feely kind of guy, but I try to be more open to the emotional aspects of things now.

In any case, while running tonight, a cyclist was riding towards me, and while she passed yelled "Oh my god, I love your dedication!"  (We'll ignore the fact that my running is sporadic at best, and I actually prefer running at night.) 

Definitely put a little smile on my face and gave me a bit of a boost while running to have that random stranger cheer me on. Thanks!