hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Do all banks suck as much as USBank does?

Not a fan of my bank these days.  I'm a pretty low maintenance customer with USBank, having had my various accounts for I'd guess 10 to 15 years.  I'm not a huge customer, but do have a checking, savings, and brokerage account with them.

I rarely require service, and I think the only teller/banker transactions I've done over past 5 years or so have been when they've changed their account types, and I need to switch accounts to avoid a fee or what not. 

I had a notably crappy experience in June and July of 2013, when I was switching account types. I went to the 4000 Kietzke location in Reno, since they had Saturday hours - I ended up having to wait 90+ minutes just to talk with a banker (the branch manager, who in her defense was pretty solid)  to say I'd like to switch from my current account type to a different account type.  Not sure why the teller couldn't have done that for me in 5 minutes, but whatever. 

The banker suggested I talk with one of their investment folks since I had a fair amount of cash sitting around idle.  I know this isn't a great thing, and at a minimum should throw it into an MMA or CD or something, but I just can't make myself care, especially with interest rates being so low these days.  Let's say best case I'm looking at maybe $200 a year, but that savings to me was effectively lost due to the incompetence of the investment consultant/banker at the USBank branch (4000 Kietzke).  The guy's not there, so I scheduled an appointment for another Saturday morning.  Anyway, I end up going back, waiting, and the guy never shows (even though the bank had called and confirmed the appointment earlier in the week).  The guy calls me later in the week, leaving me a voicemail, asking if I still want to explore options.  I don't recall there being any apology, and since my bank visits had basically costed me two Saturday mornings (which to me are worth significantly more than $200), I just dropped it. (Cross posted to Yelp)

Tonight, I had another bad experience, trying to use their mobile app to sign up for what they call DepositPont - same thing all the other major banks are doing where you can take a picture of a check to deposit it.  I click on the "deposit" button in the app, which then presents me with three survey style questions (how often I plant to use it, how much I plan to deposit, and I forgot the third question).  I answered all three, and am then presented with a message that states "Looks like you didn't complete your DepositPont enrollment.  Please call 800-US-BANKS (872-2657) to finish signing up."

I then call, only to find out that I can't be helped unless I call back again tomorrow morning.  The customer service rep sounded half awake, and I had to ask many specific questions about what times I could call to get the issue resolved, how to best navigate the menu system to make sure my call went to the right place, etc.

While I was reluctant to sign up for the service, thinking a $0.50 charge for each deposit seemed a little silly, figured that was the price of convenience.  At this point, DepositPoint is anything but convenient, and I assume that by the time I navigate the phone support another time, try to re-activate DepositPont on my phone, this attempt at "convenience" will have actually cost me close to an hour of my time.

At a minimum, the error message when signing up via the phone should state what hours support is available.  For a truly positive experience, the sign up should not dump the user out saying the enrollment did not complete and providing no information as to why.

Blah.  Crappy software, and hard to recommend at this point. 

I'll likely stick with USBank, since it's too much hassle to switch banks (direct deposit and a bill pay system that seems to work), but I can't recommend it.


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