hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Bike to Work Week

This week happens to be Bike to Work Week, and the Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance is organizing as usual. My commute is just under 10 miles, and takes me about 45 minutes.

Rides this week:

So, what have I found out so far?

  • Riding like this makes me hungry - at 600 calories or so, that's probably 20% to 25% of my daily calories, so obviously my body will want to make this up

  • My IT band is not anywhere near as sore as I thought it would be. While it's a little sore, and I find myself stretching throughout the day. Still, not as bad as it's been before.

  • I like the time - the morning ride wakes me up, and the ride home gives me plenty of time to process my day.

  • I miss NPR - I value my situational awareness, so no headphones while riding. This means I'm missing out on my daily NPR (and news in general) fix.

  • I'm surprised by how consistent my times are. My Tuesday commute in was on my single-speed, which is maybe two-thirds the weight of the grocery getter, and is running 25 mm (vs. 38 mm) tires, so a lot less rolling resistance. The Monday ride in was 47:39, while Tuesday's was 44:47. My time home today was 49:02, and the headwind made me think I'd have been a lot slower - there were times I was dropping to the third ring up front.

  • Gears are good. While the single-speed is great for the short, quick jaunts to the bar or coffee shop, it was pretty brutal for the commute.

  • I heart data. I've been tracking the rides in both Strava and in RunKeeper. I like Strava as it's got "segments" (mainly short hills and things) on there where it times you and lets you race against the Strava community at large. I'm using RunKeeper as it integrates with Fleetly. I haven't been working out as much as I used to, but having the cardio data with the workout data is kind of nice. In any case, part of me wants to get a Bluetooth heartrate monitor and cycling power meter (which I'm not a serious enough cyclist to justify). Still, it's amazing how much data we can get these days.

No commuting tomorrow as I have to be at UNR at 1 . . . Friday's a bit dicey too as the weather may be iffy, but I do plan on volunteering at the Bike Project's Pancake Feed . . .

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