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Yelp reviews

So, I had a pretty bad experience at this place in Helena, MT ( Summary is that it's called Fusion Grille, I order the "Korean beef" appetizer, described as "tender thinly sliced Korean marinated beef served with Jasmine rice" and ended up with beef fajitas and a side of rice (

I know, I know, it's Helena, MT (the place where when I first moved and went out to the bar, some guy came up to me and said "Welcome to our country" - completely seriously).

In any case, looks like someone from the restaurant commented on my livejournal -, and it looks like they're making an effort.

So, a few questions:

1) Why the hell did they respond on my personal blog (linked to from my yelp profile), rather than messaging me here on Yelp? (I get that that would require setting up an account, but that seems like a better idea than clicking through and posting a comment on my blog.)

2) Why not leave a name? Phone number is nice, but should I call and be like "Umm, hi, I'm trying to reach someone about a blog comment in response to my yelp review?!?" Really?

3) I appreciate they're making an effort, but stating "Or, if you are unable to visit us again, please consider removing or editing your review on Yelp."? Really? So, just because you say you're trying harder I should modify my review?

4) They state in their response "At the time, the place was brand new and had a few kinks to work out" - really? I went at the end of October - the first review (albeit filtered) is from mid-June. Saying your place is "brand new" after 4 months is naive at best, and strikes me as rather disingenuous. How much time should a restaurant be given to hit their stride?!?

I mean, I probably won't be back in Helena for at least another year, but come on . . . I get that I left a harsh review, but the food was overpriced, probably came straight off a Sysco truck, and didn't even come close to matching the menu. What do you expect?

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