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I've spent the last few days volunteering at Destination Imagination's Global Finals. There are ~1,275 teams here this week competing, and I volunteer on the Event's Team, which runs and coordinates many of the non-competitive activities that occur throughout the week.

I'm an alumnus of the program, having competed in Odyssey of the Mind since 4th grade. Including my years on University Level teams, I competed for a total of 13 years, and have volunteered for 15 years at various levels. (4 of those years of volunteering and competing overlap).

I had a bit of down time earlier today, so I was able to go and check out a few of the structure challenge presentations. I competed in structure for I think 7 of those years competing), and used to have one of the better known balsa wood structure websites (which I still keep meaning to bring back online, I just haven't taken the time to do so). In any case, I overheard some parents talking about structure and the builders on the teams, and how there's such a learning curve. Brought back many memories, especially as I started when there was essentially no public knowledge about balsa wood towers available.

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