hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

My car has all these little dings, and one big dent (see previous entry) :( It seems people keep dinging it. Yesterday I noticed a new one on the front passenger side door. It's odd as it looks like someone hit it with a spike or something, as it's just one point. It's also obvious that whoever did it, rubbed it, and tried to see if there was a mark or not, as my car is somewhat dirty, and it's clean where they wiped it off to see if they damaged it. My car is getting so beat up, and it's only a three years old. :( It also pisses me off how all these people (or maybe just one person) is screwing my car up, and thinking that it's minor enough not to deal with it. Actually, the dings don't bother me so much, it's just the big driver's side dent . . . I hope the bastard who did that rots . . .
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