hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Busy May

Wow, it's been a busy month, and there's still a week to go . . .

The first week was normal, with just work. Last week, we went to Sea Ranch, just outside Gualala, CA where we rented a place through Ocean View Properties. Was a nice getaway for the six of us. Convenient access to the ocean, lots of trails that were perfect for trail running, hot tub, BBQ, etc. Weather could have been a little nicer, but for an off-season rental, it wasn't bad at all.

After the rental, we made a quick day trip to SF. While most of my SF trips have usually been limited to the Mission and surrounding areas, this time we stopped in Chinatown and then went down to Fisherman's Wharf. Got to hang out with the Aimee, Katherine, and Tony, which was nice.

We then headed to Vallejo, rolling into a Motel 6 late at night. I had screwed up here as I had printed directions, but I hadn't realized I had them to the wrong Motel 6 - probably cost us 30 minutes, and considering it was pushing midnight, and we were exhausted, it was pretty painful. We crashed there before heading to Six Flags in the morning. Before heading to Six Flags, Leia, Danny, and I went and grabbed breakfast at the Good Day Cafe, due to the high Yelp review. Rad breakfast joint, with a geeky address for the mathematically inclined . . .

Six Flags was fun, and relatively quiet this early in the season. One of these combo amusement parks + wildlife parks. Doesn't really compare to the Ohio parks I grew up with (King's Island with 15 coasters and Cedar Point with 17), which both have multiple, highly-ranked coasters. The coasters here made me reminisce about Cedar Point's Millennium Force (longest steel coaster in the US, and appears in many top ten lists - I rode it opening weekend, and it was amazing - super smooth, with the cable lift instead of a chain lift), the Magnum XL-200, the Mean Streak, and the Mantis - I haven't had the chance to ride the Top Thrill Dragster. King's Island has the amazing Beast (still my favorite wooden coaster) and Son of Beast (which I didn't realize was not currently running), the classic Racer, the classic steel Vortex, and King Cobra (first stand up coaster, which I didn't realize was no longer around). In Six Flags defense, they do have the Medusa, which has one of the larger loops in the world, and Roar was a fun wooden coaster, which we rode multiple times throughout the day.

Hah - I just spent the last 45 minutes reminiscing about coasters. Guess the rest of May will have to be documented in a second entry . . . teaser is Helena for Jake and Lisa's wedding, and then off to Knoxville for Destination Imagination's Global Finals. For those who are really curious, I'll actually have a small speaking role during opening ceremonies, streaming live on Wednesday, starting at 7:30 PM Eastern . . . slightly nervous as there'll be over 14,000 participants, but should be rad!

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