hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Weddings? I love weddings! Drinks all around! (again . . . )

I'm feeling uncreative, and recycling this blog post's title (the previous entry is here) - points to anyone who recognizes the quotation.

In any case, we're entering wedding season again . . .

My high school friend Josh recently got married in Hawaii, but he's having his reception in my hometown of Troy, OH today. Unfortunately, I couldn't swing the financials to get out there. I've never met his wife, but congratulations to Josh and Yoko!

The next wedding on my list is Lisa and Jake's (or is that Jake and Lisa's?) in Helena, MT. I'm stringing this trip together with a trip to Knoxville, TN, where I'll be volunteering at Global Finals for Destination ImagiNation. Super-stoked about this wedding, as it means I'll get to see the Montana crew. Of course, if you believe Harold Camping of the Family Radio Network, the second coming is happening at 6 PM on the day of the wedding. So, if he's right, the rapture will be happening during the reception. Fortunately, I think that in Camping's views, my friends and I would be considered heathens, and would not be among those "who will be gathered together in the air to meet Christ", and instead, we'll be left on the planet to write our own Left Behind stories . . . ah well, more beer and BBQ for us!

Definitely excited about Globals as well - this is such a rad event. Over 14,000 participants from more than 30 countries, and a super-high energy event. Check out this video of the opening ceremonies from last year for a small taste of the scope and energy of the event. I grew up as a competitior in this program (competed in 4th through 12th grade, took a year off, and competed for four more years at the University level, not to mention lots of volunteering, including developing and maintaining

Finally, the other wedding on my list isn't till the end of September, and is actually Tony (my brother) and Katherine's. Tony registered an uber-cool domain ( for their website - Katherine's online presence is generally marked by the kkr initials, and tc would happen to be my brother's initials. Interesting wedding in that they're going to get married on Friday, and then have a reception on Saturday, and should definitely be a great celebration of their relationship. I happened to see a working draft of a Flash based save-the-date Katherine had done that she had in her Flickr account, and am excited to see the real thing when that gets posted (storyboard here). So cute.

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