hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

No more road bike . . . *sniffle*

I went to the Holland Project's 3-Minute Film Competition screening tonight at the Nevada Museum of Art. Cool little event for a rad organization in town. The GF and I rode our bikes - her bike is an older Specialized Stumpjumper, while mine is a Trek 2100, not sure of the year, but is very similar to the one in the linked listing (different pedals, saddle, etc).

I've had the bike for about two years now, and locked it up with the cable lock I've been using this whole time, using the one cable lock to lock both our bikes. The bike rack at the museum is maybe 75 feet from the entrance, though towards the back of the parking lot, and away from the street. We went in, watched the movies, and came out after a little over an hour. We're walking toward the bikes, and I see one bike laying on the ground. I realize at that point, my bike's gone, and say to my GF "Did someone steal my bike?" She still doesn't realize what she's seeing, not till we get closer. As we get to the rack, the scene is as expected - a cut cable lock, and her bike is laying there on the ground. The stolen bike definitely will impact my ability to complete one of my resolutions.

The bike was a nice bike - a bit banged up, and it definitely needed a bit of maintenance to keep things running (particularly the right shifter), but great for my uses, and I didn't pay anywhere near the $900 listing for that bike in the linked ad.

In any case, I was already talking about replacing it within seconds of picking up the cleanly sheared cable lock - the question becomes what to get. Do I splurge and get a shiny, new road bike? Maybe a cross bike? Or perhaps a fixie? So many choices . . .

I've got an old Schwinn Crosscut (the one in the image has been retrofitted with drop bars; mine has a mountain bike bar with grip shifts), which I was thinking I'd convert to a commuter - really only needs a rear rack, some lights, and a new tire . . . but I think I'm still going to want a road bike. I may just wait till I get another 20% off at REI, and along with various gift cards I've collected along the way, get one of their road bikes.

Alternatively, I could build a project bike with stuff from the Reno Bike Project. I'm leaning towards buying a full bike though, as I think building one from parts is a bit more than I'm looking for now, not to mention it would probably take a while to find a decent frame in the right size there.

Ah well, some decision making and planning to do . . . I've got a busy month coming up, so I probably won't commit on replacing the bike till late May, early June . . . just need to work on getting my Schwinn in decent shape . . . oh, and I guess I should invest in a good D-lock too . . . :P
Tags: bike, stolen, trek

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