hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Epic Fail

So much for two blog posts and a Yelp review a month . . . missing that goal by a bit. I'm not giving up, but since I'm starting my March writing with 38 minutes left to go, I'm obviously not going to make the goal. Probably miss it by an hour or so . . . *sighs*

So the first most for this month is really just random stream of consciousness. No thought out topic . . .

I still feel really full right now. Earlier today, I had 70 McDonald's nuggets for lunch. For those keeping score at home, that's just under 2.5 lbs of nuggets, packing a hefty 3,220 calories (numbers calculated from the information provided by McDonald's), with a whopping 203 grams of fat (that's 3 days worth of the government recommend daily allowance for fat). This all started due to a random conversation with my coworkers, where I mentioned that Jesse and Larry had had a nugget eating contest a while ago, and they had 64 and 32 respectively. One thing lead to another, and I had said piece of cake . . . at which point a coworker was offering to pay for the nuggets if I could do it. I originally stopped at 65 (having to one-up the previous "record"), but then had the last 5 on the way back to the office to get to an even 70.

The first 50 or so were easy, but I definitely started slowing down, and not enjoying the nuggets after that. They became dry, tasteless hunks, and I struggled a bit to get them down.

One of the guys at the office who later heard about this said "Why would you do that? You're not 25 anymore . . . " While technically true, I think I still behave like a guy in his twenties, still enjoying time at the bar, playing blackjack, and doing silly/stupid things just because I can.

I did end up feeling like Morgan Spurlock in Super Size Me, where he talks about how crappy the food is making him feel. I would say though that by 4 or so, I was reasonably recovered, and had half of a Capriotti's cold turkey sub at 5 for dinner.

In any case, I don't see myself eating nuggets again anytime soon. Jesse's talking about the challenge at Fatburger, which is tempting (I think it's a 1.5 lb burger, so should be simple compared to the 2.5 lbs of nuggets, right? ;)

p.s. Happy Birthday Katherine!
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