hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Chrome Wool Hoodie

So, I read this piece last year about merino wool bike hoodies, and thought I'd ask for one for Christmas. My step-sisters boyfriend works in a shop, so they got a deal on the Chrome Cobra hoodie.

On one hand, I love the thing - it's got all the awesome properties of wool (warmth, comfort, etc), it's super-comfy, and the little details are nice - it's got extra long sleeves and a longer back for biking, the zipper comes up high (almost to my chin when fully zipped), the back-pocket for biking, and nice zippers on everything. It's comfy enough that I've worn it almost every day since I've gotten it, and it's my goto outer layer these days, even with the wintry weather we've been getting here in Reno, NV.

The so-so are the thumb holes - super comfy, but as expected, they're a wear point, and I can tell that the material is already starting to wear away. If I get my act together, I'll pick up some canvas or something, and reinforce the thumb holes. This one is to be expected.

The one complaint, and this is a big one for a piece of clothing that's got a $160 retail price tag, is that the build quality sucks. I've had to stitch three seams already (all right, so the girlfriend did two of them for me), and I can see another stitch that's working itself loose. Several of the reviews on the page mention this as well.

So, bottom line is I'd definitely buy another wool hoodie, but not sure if it'd be a Chrome one. The cycling touches are awesome, but there are lots of choices out there. Looks like SmartWool has a full zip (though not a hoodie), and there are plenty of others. All are spendy, but after I blow throw this one (which will unfortunately be sooner rather than later), I'll definitely want another . . .

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