hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

January, entry #2

Wow, I'm already struggling with these resolutions.  I'm reminded of how when I used to go the gym, I'd complain about the New Year's influx, and how they'd all be gone within six weeks . . . unfortunately, I'm struggling to make it even six weeks.  *sigh*

~45 minutes to go before the end of the month, and I need to get my second blog post in.  I wrote a Yelp review a little bit ago, so I've got that part covered. 

Part of the challenge for me with writing is that I need a lot of time to do it . . . in general, I like to relax before writing, whether that means zoning out for a bit playing Tetris or some other Facebook game, or watching a documentary or what not.  Then, after I'm relaxed, I'll write, but writing for me is very solitary, and pure alone time these days has been limited.  I'm not complaining, since the relationship I'm in is fantastic.  On the other hand, there are times I miss doing my own thing, whether it be wandering down to Lincoln, riding the bike, playing blackjack, or just staring at the wall.  Perhaps I need to work more at striking a better balance in my life.  Hmm, interesting reflections while writing in a stream of conscious style . . .

In any case, RCJ sent an interesting link today entitled The United States of Shame (CHART), which shows what each state is worst at.  Looking over the states I've lived in:

So, in other words, I started off as a nice nerdy kid, dodged some crime while living in Illinois, had a short 10 minute commute in New York, did not go bankrupt in Missouri (though I was dirt poor as an AmeriCorps*VISTA member), missed the drunk driving thing in Montana (the open container law was just put into effect a few months after I moved to Montana, though I did still manage to lose my car that one Halloween . . . ), and I've dodged crime again here in Nevada.

The other thing I wanted to mention today was this study, entitled Laptop Computer Shock and Vibration Characterization in Commuter Bike Packs Some MIT students looked at the shock delivered to computers in different types of bags while riding a bike.  Unsurprisingly, backpacks causes the least amount of forces to be applied to the laptop.  The part that caught my eye was that courier style bags (which I'm a fan of) resulted in the lowest peak shocks - meaning that they were most effective at handling the largest jolts.  Pretty simple study, with perhaps the largest finding being that the average shocks while riding a bike are not going to damage a computer.

Ugh, took me almost 30 minutes to write this . . . here's to hoping I'll be a bit more fastidious about writing in Februray, and not scrambling at the last minute . . .

Tags: 2011, craft, resolutions

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