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Common name
buzzed, B&W
How many Ernie Chang's are there? (Of the top ten results, the Facebook one and the paper I wrote during college are me.)

I have the email address of firstname.lastname@gmail.com (substituting the appropriate values for firstname and lastname), as well as @ernie.

The email address gets random emails, mostly for an Ernie in British Columbia, who apparently owns an '09 Jetta. ("I" had a loaner on August 11th, and they got some trim for my car on Oct. 8th.) I've emailed Speedway telling them that they've got the wrong email, but apparently that hasn't helped. Since gmail is dot-blind, that also increases the number of emails I get. For a while, I was getting emails about tennis practice from the team captains at Davis High School. Most recently, I received a travel itinerary for Ernest Chang who's apparently going from LAX to TPE (Taiwain) via NRT (Narita, JP) on Nov. 11th, and flying back on Nov 24th from TPE to SEA (again via NRT). I didn't realize I'd be travelling across the Pacific again this year . . .

Fortunately, the twitter account only seems to receive a few random tweets, mainly some girl babbling about her cat . . .