hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Happy MMX and Resolutions

So, it's twenty-ten, two-thousand and ten, or em-em-ex - another new year (and I'm a few days behind).

Anyway, resolutions . . . I didn't do so well with my resolutions last year, which were only 1 month goals.  Results of week 1, 2, and 3 . . .

I had pondered what my resolutions would be previously.  To recap:

  • Grow facial hair - Don't see this one happening any time soon.  It just doesn't appeal to me. 
  • Not driving for a month - still on my to do list, but definitely waiting till it's warmer
  • Upload more pictures to my Flickr - I feel sort of "meh" about this one
  • Stop using the excuse "I'm too old for this" - I'm already doing this, though the previously mentioned super-rad girl keeps making fun of my dotage . . . still, it's interesting how the removal of this one excuse from my life has had much larger impacts than I would have predicted
  • Go to Japan - Still on the to-do list, though I'm not sure when.  I was originally hoping to dove-tail Japan onto a work trip to Hong Kong, but it looks like that work trip will be next week.  @tony and @katherine don't leave for Japan till tomorrow, and I think the trip would work out better once they're slightly settled in.
  • Complete my secret project - totally dropped the ball on this one.  Not sure about this happening.

Anyway, I've decided that instead of any of those being my resolution, I've decided to give up my sins for a month.  So, for the next month, no drinking, no gambling, and no gluttony.  The last one means that when I have buffets, I'm going to limit myself to one plate, and when eating at restaurants, I'm no longer going to make sure I end up in the clean-plate club, and instead try to have leftovers.  No drinking, and no gambling should be easy . . . it's the gluttony one that's going to be a challenge.  Still not sure how I'm going to handle AYCE sushi - not sure if I set a piece/roll limit or something else.

I'm also using Lose It to track my calorie intake, and maybe lose a few pounds.  Kind of interesting to see how many calories I take in on a given day.  Nigiri is interesting in that it's about 50 calories a piece, while it looks like rolls are around 400-500 calories.  Maybe limit myself to 8 pieces of nigiri and two rolls, which would still be a hefty 1200-1400 calories.

On a completely, unrelated note, this comic totally made me chuckle for the clever/geeky references, while this one is just silly - although it did prompt me to read this bit of news about the supposedly mythical g-spot . . .

Tags: mmx, resolutions

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