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Random thoughts
buzzed, B&W

mmm . . . I've been horrible about writing since I finished my month of NaBloPoMo, which is partially understandable with the holidays, but still a bit disappointing.

Christmas was good, even if my family ended up celebrating the Sunday before as there are too many step-siblings and significant others that have multi-family obligations.  I have a brother, step-brother, and step-sister in my generation, and they all have significant others, though my brother's GF was the only one at Christmas.  Good time, and while I'm not super close to most of them, a few days with them was about perfect.  The introvert in me was dying by the end of the week - we all stayed at my parents' condo, which is 1100 square feet or so, and spent lots of time driving around in the Highlander.

My Christmas day was ultra-low-key, and I didn't do much of anything, except nurse a slight hangover from Christmas Eve revelry. 

Snowboarded Friday, and I ended up hanging out with this super-rad girl on Saturday night.  We watched Battle Royale, and just chilled.  First time meeting the girl, and even if she made fun of my movie selection for the evening, it was a good time.  Lots of back and forth banter - being the gentleman that I am, I let a lot of things slide early on, but by the end of the night, there was a good verbal riposte going on.  Fun times.

On the other hand, not so excited about New Year's.  It's such a couple holiday, and being single and not being the guy looking for a random hook-up, it's just not much fun.  I am looking forward to the house party I've been invited to, but not sure about where I'll end up spending most of the evening.  I'm trying to psyche myself up for the night, as it's still a fun party night, but definitely not as excited for it as I would be if I had a date.  Oh well . . .