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First snow . . .
buzzed, B&W
So, today's the first day I've seen snow any real snow in town.  They're talking a couple feet of freshies at Northstar tomorrow.  Makes me wish I had been laid off as my twit-ku indicated:
snow falling in town
pow' day for sure tomorrow
too bad I'm employed
It's a heavy, wet snow in town, and I'm probably going to have to brush off my car even after I leave Bibo's in an hour or two . . .

Definitely in a bit of a funk this morning, and wasn't motivated to go snowboarding.  Instead, vegged around the apartment, and then got some Korean food for lunch.  Headed to the gym, and when I walked out, there was a thin layer of snow over everything.  Roads aren't too slick, and I didn't see any of the idiocy I tend to equate with Reno drivers and snow - people were driving a little slower, but I'm trying to be more patient with people who drive slower in the winter.

The snow also makes me wish I knew someone who was going to get a live tree.  Perfect weather to go out hiking in the woods and chop down a tree . . .

Snow on the sidewalks is making me regret wearing the Birks today.