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30 days . . . finally!
buzzed, B&W

Whew.  I've made it.  Blogging every day for the past month.

So, will this change my behavior?  Will I write more in the future?  Doubtful.  Previous challenges like this that I've done for myself (not drinking, abstinence, working out, etc) haven't resulted in long term behavioral changes.  I make it through the challenge, and tend to go back to my previous ways.

That being said, I'm glad I did it.  It forced me to be introspective, to write lists, and even to journal / write by hand.

Of course, I'll still keep writing, whether it's sporadically in my blog, Yelp reviews, or elsewhere.

The whole month has been interesting . . . I've had to make a conscious effort to take time to write, whether I left the bar early (or even writing at the bar), ducking out from time with friends, or even scheduling time to write.  For those who are writers, I'm impressed. 

I've run the whole spectrum, with some topics basically writing themselves, and other days where I would type for 30 minutes, and delete everything I'd typed, thinking it was all crap, and starting over, trying to find something that would inspire me.

Anyway, I'm done.  Yea!