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Almost there . . .

Random occurrences / thoughts from Helena:
  • Mount Helena kicked my butt.  My calves were not too happy with me when we went up yesterday.  The right side makes sense from the bike injury, and now I think the left side is getting weaker as I haven't been using it much.  I'm going to need to start doing calf-raises or something.
  • A friend of a friend recognized my Lincoln Lounge / Keep Reno Abe hoodie - apparently he noticed it when we were wandering around downtown, and he saw it earlier, but said something to me about it when we were talking at Miller's.  San Francisco political consultant or something, who makes it to Reno every now and then and likes Louis' Basque (which is across the street from the Lincoln Lounge)
  • I finally used the $8 credit I had at Taco Del Sol - I had this from 3 years ago due to a mixup on a group order we had placed.  No big deal, but Shalon gave me this credit, and the index card had been in the box all this time.  It's actually still there with 5 cents left on it after I had a Blackfoot IPA and a fish burrito . . . yea for rad small businesses
  • Made a stop at the Blackfoot tasting room, and had a pint of their Imperial IPA:

    This is the traditional method of Real Ale dispensing in Britain.  Unfiltered, unpasteurized beer is lightly re-fermented in a cask (in our case a firkin) to produce natural carbonation.  The ale is then served at cellar temperature (approx 55F).  The beer is pumped with a "beer engine" which pulls the beer from the cask and creates a dense natural head on the beer.  This traditional method of service (without CO2) allows the very subtle flavors and aromas of the beer to come through.  Imperial IPA at 9.7% abv
    Delicious, and a steal at $5 a pint.
  • The only items left from my list at this point are No Sweat and Silver Star.

So, a little more than 24 hours to go in Helena . . .

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