hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

GMAT prep

So I'm studying to take the GMAT, and I've gone through most of a Kaplan test prep book. I'm probably getting about 80% of the stuff right on the verbal part, and near 100% on the quant. The problem is that I finish with like 1/3 of my time still left. I haven't done the computer based practice stuff yet. The free GMAT PowerPrep software screws with my display settings, and I haven't got around to installing it on my desktop that I don't care about much anymore. I haven't messed with the Kaplan CD yet either. Hopefully, with a timer in the corner, I'll be better able to budget my time.

I know I'm a fast test taker though. The best example I have of this was my basic circuits final exam. The prof was doing the exam at the same time (I assume to see what kind of job his grad student had done with writing the exam.) Anyway, about 35 minutes into the 2 hour exam, the prof says "I'm done." About 36 minutes into the exam, I'm standing up and walking out. I forget if it was the final or another test, but I remember one of my friends telling me that about 5 minutes after I walked out, he was saying something like "97%, not bad." Ah, the memories of an easy undergrad curriculum . . .
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