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Food . . . glorious food . . .
buzzed, B&W

The framily Thanksgiving (digital camera photos probably won't be up till after the weekend) was awesome as usual, with a lucky 13 this year.  Lots of eating, drinking, and good stories.

As I have some friends who really believe in going around the table and doing the "I'm thankful for . . . " and others who are really opposed to the tradition, we did a slightly modified form, where we had slips of paper, and wrote down our thankfuls, and they were placed in a hat.  We later passed the hat around, picking them at random and reading them.  I wish I had collected and kept all of them so I could record them for posterity's sake.  Mine included "framily" and "beer" - others were much more eloquent and wrote complete sentences, that included things like having "enough food"(we'll ignore the fact that we'll be eating these leftovers all weekend), "watching Elf", and "my partner" - while I'd like to take credit for the wording on that one (I had pointed out I did not want to read one and say that "I'm thankful for my boyfriend"), it actually happens to be the way this boy and girl talk to each other.

In terms of the ridiculous food, we had a 22 pound Hutterite turkey, a large ham, and ridiculous amounts of sides (though only one dozen deviled eggs this year - as opposed to the five dozen last year).  Unfortunately, when Greg and I made our store run earlier, we forgot to buy the cranberry jelly.  Someone actually made a fantastic cranberry relish, but both Greg and I were sort of craving the can-shaped jelly.  It would also be perfect to have for leftover turkey sandwiches . . .

Plan this morning was to have breakfast around 10, and hike up Mount Helena.  Doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon . . . breakfast probably won't happen for at least another hour, so maybe we'll start hiking by 1?