hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Helena Countdown

I leave for Helena in less than 12 hours . . .definitely looking forward to seeing all the folks I haven't seen for a year or more, but beyond the friends, there are definitely Helena things I want to do, as well as places to go.  In no particular order, some things I'm hoping to accomplish during this trip:
  • Not get sick on the plane - I think the last time I went to Helena I ended up getting sick on the plane, mainly due to drinking way too much the night before.  Here's to keeping it in check tonight.
  • Visit with Vicki - Vicki's my old supervisor from when I worked for the Prevention Resource Center, where I used to maintain the website among other responsibilities (if you look really closely, you can still see me in the banner across the top of the website).  I've been bad about checking in with her when I'm in Montana, and I feel guilty about this as she's awesome.  She wrote me an incredible recommendation when I was applying for the National Teaching Academy.  She also paid for me to go to Great Conversations while I was in Helena.
  • Not watching Beef - Last year, we somehow ended up watching this movie called Beef, "a documentary on the evolution of MC battles from verbal one-upmanship to street warfare."  I made it through about 30 minutes of it before leaving and going to the bar instead . . .  
  • Watching Elf - While not a huge fan of  Will Ferrell, this movie has become a Turkey Day tradition
  • Cocktails at Silver Star - one of the nice restaurants in Helena, that does really good cocktails (not to mention a fantastic scotch selection)
  • Hiking Mount Helena - This one is a given.  I used to hike this thing several times a week after work and on the weekends.  Definitely looking forward to getting back up "that em-eff hill" . . .
  • Visiting the Gold Bar - total dive bar, but lots of fond memories of playing pool here, as well as not getting my eyes gouged out (thanks Joe!)
  • Miller's Crossing - My favorite bar in Helena, which also happens to have my favorite beer.  Mmm . . . Blackfoot IPA . . .

Anyway, definitely looking forward to the trip . . . must pack . . .

Ack, two glaring ommissions:
  • Taco Del Sol - Shalon is awesome, the burritos are light and tasty, and I believe I still have a free burrito card here from like 3 years ago
  • No Sweat Cafe - the local hippie breakfast spot, with locally sourced / organic food. Delicious, even if you might be in there for a while . . . and the no cell phone rule keeps me from checking my phone every 10 minutes . . .

Edited: 12:42 AM 11/25/2009
Tags: helena, nablopomo

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