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Holiday Musings . . .
buzzed, B&W
As we're well into the holiday season (which I believe starts with Halloween and ends with my birthday), I've been pondering New Years resolutions.  Here are my current thoughts, in no particular order:
  • Grow facial hair - I've never tried to grow a mustache, beard, goatee, or any other such silliness, mainly since I'm not sure I can.  I'm also afraid that I will not have the coordination or aesthetic sense to trim said growth and keep it in a presentable manner.  I like being clean shaven (not that I really know otherwise), and have been looking forward to the laser razor if it means I have to shave less often.
  • Not drive for a month - I've been debating the whole bicycle commuting thing, but am too much of a wuss to start now (too cold, and dark way too early on some moderate volume streets).  Anyway, I'm up for a good challenge, so a month without driving a car should be good.  This reminds me a bit of Katherine's attempt at 40 days and 40 nights without ever leaving san francisco's mission district.  I've done the 40 days and 40 nights thing, both with abstaining from sexual activity (a la the movie), and a second time where I tried to abstain from both sexual activity and alcohol (which I failed on the first, but succeeded on the second).  I'm thinking spring when it starts getting warm again . . . could be an excuse to buy a new bike too, especially as the STIs on mine are a bit flaky . . .
  • Upload more pictures to my Flickr - I got a pro account, with the plan that I was going to use it as an online archive for my pictures.  I need to transfer the images I used to have on my home server to flickr . . .
  • Stop using the excuse "I'm too old for this" - This is generally my excuse for not taking another shot, going home before 4 AM, sucking wind, etc.  I want to switch to a positive phrase, as opposed to an excuse . . . I'll have to brainstorm a bit on this one.
  • Go to Japan - @tony and @katherine (my brother and his gf) are relocating to Japan for 6 months.  I must take this opportunity to travel and visit them as well as explore Japan.
  • Complete my secret project - I've been a complete slacker on this one, waiting to get some legal advice before I push forward, when in reality I could be doing lots of prep and planning

I'm sure I'll think of others . . . not sure which of these I'll actually try and implement . . .

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yes come visit! it would be so good to have you!


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