hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

3 More Days (or You Can't Go Back . . . )

There are 3 more work days till I leave for Helena.  On one hand, I'm very excited to go, though I'm slightly disappointed that certain folks will not be there (or may not be there, I guess there are a few who's votes are still out?)  As my friend Lisa said "sad face."

Still, I'll be in Montana before I even realize it . . . busy at work, so the work days should go quickly.  Northstar opens this weekend, and it sounds like there's a fair amount of snow coming in Friday night, so I'll be making some turns.

Lisa's talking about doing a 5k on Thanksgiving morning.  I'm debating whether this is a good idea, mainly since my calf is still really week.  I've been trying to walk more places (as opposed to biking) to work the calf, and it's still sore most of the time.  It'll be interesting to see how it holds up while snowboarding.  The lump I have where the sprocket went deepest is slightly disconcerting.  Surprised me a little bit that the calf pain is a good 6" above the site of the puncture wounds, but I guess this is just showing my lack of anatomy / physiology knowledge.

Whether I run or not though, I'm definitely looking forward to a few walks up Mt. Helena - definitely will do the 1906 Trail, not sure about any of the others . . .

Temperatures look like they'll be brisk, with highs not even getting past 40 for most of the time I'll be there.  Definitely need to remember to take socks.
Tags: nablopomo

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