hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

argh, I left work about 15 minutes just cause I was pissed off. So, one of the ladies in the office decides that we should have weekly meetings to discuss what everyone is doing so we can keep abreast of everything. Now, having meetings to do updates on what everyone is doing is okay, as our office is rather decentralized. There is no real authority figure, and of the dozen or so in the office, we're all practically equals - the next rung on the ladder is in Columbia, MO. So everyone does their own project often in a vaccuum. Anyway, this meeting is supposed to be Monday's at 3:00. First off, we started 20 minutes late, there was no agenda, and there is no declared end time for these meetings. The meeting was filled with lots of chatter, meandering through other topics (only a small fraction of which were work related), and just wasted time. The whole thing took close to an hour, and I walked away dumber than I started.

Personally, I think a lot of what is discussed could be done better through online collaboration tools (as that would allow time-shifting) but my office is full of people who are technophobes.

Speaking of tech, our technology specialist doesn't know crap about computers. First off, he thinks when the region gets their computer upgrades, they could be as cheap as $300 a desk. I don't care how much volume you're buying in, even w/o monitors and things, you're not going to get up-to-the-date boxen for $300 a piece from any reputable vendor. Then they're talking about getting a large screen TV or a projector for video, and he thinks they're talking about surround sound and says you can get those sets up for $175 - $1000. How the hell he made the jump from video to audio like that baffles me. Then when we're talking about computer training, he says the place that provides the materials to the local community technology center is really only good for networking and high end stuff. This is New Horizons one of the largest tech training companies nationally. They have training for intro to whatever, on up to MCSE, MCDBA, etc. Argh. The guy gets on my nerves, as he's used to being a tech expert, and acting like he knows his stuff, when it's apparent to many that he doesn't have a clue. He's got a heart of gold, and really does want to help, he just doesn't realize that he doesn't have the skills to back it up.

Bleh. So odds are this is going to come back to stab me in the ass, but I just had to vent . . .

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