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buzzed, B&W
So, some random thoughts / lessons learned or reinforced / etc while I spent an hour or so trying to see some meteors (I only caught the beginning of the shower, and saw a dozen or so):

  • No matter how good your coat, hat, and gloves are, lying on the ground when it's 35 degrees out gets cold
  • Cold weather + glasses + breath you can see in the air = foggy vision
  • I <3 SmartWool socks
  • I should really invest in a hip flask
  • Street lamps are really bright.  I need to go further outside the city if I want to get a good view
  • I should either take a blanket, someone to cuddle with, or both if I'm going to be sitting in the cold for an hour or more
  • I miss conversations with Sarah while hiking up Mt. Helena (though part of this was accentuated by the fact that I had a good conversation with her a few weeks ago about growing older, being single, etc)
  • I'm starting to get exciting about going to visit Helena
  • Night hikes during a new moon on trails you haven't been on in months is a challenge, especially without a flashlight or headlamp.  I think I definitely ended up cutting some switch backs and things that I would not have usually done, but not being able to see the trail meant I was just wandering in the dark.  Probably time for me to bite the bullet and invest in a new headlamp to replace the one that I can't seem to find anymore . . .

While laying on the ground, staring up into the sky, pondering about constellations, how far away the stars were, how small I was compared to the universe at large, etc, I also wondered how the experience would be different while high.  I've never really done any drugs besides alcohol and a few drags here and there off of a joint (not enough to get a buzz).  No recreational pain killer use - the stiffest pain killer I've had was some codeine after I had my wisdom teeth extracted, and I only took that for two days.  Anyway, I did wonder how the experience would have differed with some mind-altering substances.  The brisk cold, and the crazy science behind twinkling stars, meteors, and the infiniteness of space all seem like they could contribute nicely to an "expanded" point of view . . .