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Guilty pleasures
buzzed, B&W

I've had a pretty low-key weekend.  Lots of little activities, but nothing too draining.

This evening I spent satiating one of my guilty pleasures: teen dramas.  I got disc 3 of the O.C. in my Netflix queue a while back, and I finally got around to starting it.  There's something to be said for the the simple tales that teen dramas and movies (a la Can't Hardly Wait or Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) have. 

Part of the appeal with the teen dramas is that life happens in these easy to digest 50 minute chunks.  The lines between good and bad tend to be pretty clear.  Of course, the teens on all of these shows have much more exciting lives than I ever did as a teenager, and they definitely have more complex dialogue.

I think I really like the O.C. though for a number of reasons.  The show had great music, and I remember tuning in to watch an episode specifically because it was featuring a Less Than Jake song (The Science of Selling Yourself Short).  Second, I really like some of the characters.  Of course, Seth Cohen being the geek, outsider, sarcastic, self-depracting, and having extremely dry sense of humor makes him an instant favorite of mine.  Anna Stern is also a favorite of mine - another outsider, slightly punky, and just has a lot of chutzpah. Lastly, there are times when I wish my life was a modern teen drama.  In actuality, they seem to have little drama in their lives, things almost always work out in the end, they have designated romantic interests, and everyone is beautiful.

Of course, there are more serious series than the O.C., that aren't so cut-and-dry.  My So-Called Life definitely seemed to have more complex storylines, and characters who weren't such archetypes, and Freaks and Geeks again centers on a teen trying to figure out who she is. 

Obviously, part of the appeal of any of these shows is being able to relate to the characters - whether it be knowing what it's like to dream about going somewhere else a la Dawson Leery, or all the introspection and questioning of Angela Chase, most people have been there at some point in there lives.

Anyway, a totally guilty pleasure of mine . . . these shows and movies such me in, and I love the cookie-cutter storylines and resolutions . . .