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This is hard
buzzed, B&W

Writing every day is hard.  Finding the time to write is one obstacle -  I'd guess I've probably spent 30-60 minutes on the writing part of each of the previous entries.  Coming up with ideas is another. 

This whole experiment though has made me realize why so many people like to carry notebooks or pads of some sort with them.  Knowing that I have this goal, I look at the world through a slightly different lens, and I often get some idea that I might want to write about - this could be while I'm walking down the street, having a beer, playing poker, etc.  Part of me thinks I should get a small Moleskine (because yes, I am that pretentious) and carry a pen around so I could jot these ideas down.  I put some of them into my iPhone, but since I only type in one or two words, I'm looking at my list of topics and thinking, "What the hell?!?"

I'm a little curious too as to how my ideas would be different if I were strictly journaling, as opposed to blogging.  Since I realize that there are other people reading I try and pick topics that I hope will be interesting to others, not just me.  Surprisingly, the introspective posts seem to have gotten the most feedback - maybe we're all voyeurs at heart and like seeing what makes others tick?  Perhaps it's the fact that I tend to avoid talking about myself, so this is a rare opportunity to examine Ernie? Maybe I'm just as fascinating as @APlusK? ;)