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long week
buzzed, B&W
So, I just got back home after a week of being gone.

I was at Aerospace Camp in Rolla for most of the week. Fun camp. I was a team leader with a dozen kids, and a co-leader. The kids were 10-13 years old, and very well behaved. The only real downside to the camp was that it seemed to be way too fast paced. Felt like everything was rushed, including the free time. Still, great material, and it was fun.

Friday I was in the Chicago area for Marisa's wedding. It was great to see the Groberg clan, Rob, and many others. Kind of interesting that I ran into Bob Krentler, I guy from Michigan that I knew from my student government days. Hadn't seen him in about two years, and it was a bit surprising to run into him. The wedding was tons of fun.

Only bad part of the weekend was I broke the antenna on my cell phone. We went to a Renaissance festival on Saturday, and I was wrestling Rob (who's probably about 270, 6'2" or so) and trying to get him over to the stockade where they were drenching people. I failed at the task, and somehow in the process the antenna on my phone broke. I seem to be getting a good signal now in my apartment, but while I was driving here I kept getting cut off when I was using my phone. I'm not sure if it's that the service is just spotty along I-44 or the antenna repair job I did isn't quite cutting it. I'm going to see how things go this week before deciding if I need a new phone or not. Unfortunately, it appears that the only phone Cingular has that's a flip is the phone I have, and it looks like it's 150 with service, who knows how much to upgrade to it. :(


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