hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Busy busy

Man, finally sitting down. Been pretty productive today, and babbling here is my relaxing moment . . .

Ran to Home Depot after work to get some light bulbs and a new fixture. The damn fixture in my apartment blew out last night, and two things went wrong.
  1. When I went to remove the glass cover, it broke in half. Whoops
  2. I finally figure out how to remove the bulb and it ends up being a proprietary bub. I can only find it online, and it's $8, and $12 shipping.
Ridiculous. So, I bought a $5 fixture, and a 4 pack of CFCs for $2.

Got home and met with my neighbor to split our vegetables from the CSA, and started some laundry.

While the laundry was going, I had to cut away at the ceiling a bit to get the fixture in, which resulted in a ridiculous plaster mess. Moved the laundry to the drier and started a second load.

Because of the plaster mess, I did some vacuuming.

Got clothes out of drier and hung them up. Moved second load to drier.

Started making a tomato sauce (first attempt, and using random tomatoes and vegetables in the house . . . )

Started dinner.

Got second load and put clothes away.

Forgot to start rice, but eventually started.

And that brings us to now, with the sauce simmering on the stove, and my dinner getting cold while I wait on the rice cooker. Remaining items for this evening will probably be watching some tv or a movie, as well as changing out the flat on my bike. If I get motivated, I'll patch some of the tubes I have. Oh, and eating. Eating would be good.
Tags: babbling

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