hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

AOL adding journaling

As the headline says, AOL is going to add a free blog/journalling service for their subscribers. There's a sort of review/first impression here that raises lots of good points about weblogs and their purpose.

I find it interesting that many on Slashdot don't consider blogging to be anything new, that journals and diaries have existed forever. I only skimmed the comments, but only one person seemed to point out that it really is different because it's published and in the public eye - not locked in your footlocker, where only you can read it. It's a different medium - some people are open and public in their blogs about their thoughts, others just do random superficial posts, and there's lots of stuff in between. The whole commenting feature also makes things different - rather than your thoughts being put down where no one will see them, they become discussion starters instead.

The review is interesting in that it mentions how even though there'll be tons of new bloggers, the signal to noise ration won't really go down - for a blog to be read, people have to link to it, and for people to link to it, it has to have interesting writing. The theory seems pretty solid to me . . . but we'll see.

I guess I find this whole thing interesting as I see my livejournal here as mainly private, and it's just kind of in the background - I don't promote it, I've told almost no one about it, and I just write random stuff to it . . . usually pretty shallow stuff . . . I'm sure I could turn it into something that people would want to read if I put more effort into it, and told a few key people, but I'm not blogging to be an exhibitionist . . . it's just random typing . . .

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