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Plethora of food
buzzed, B&W
Wow - I had forgotten how ridiculous the Helena crew is about turkey day. We had two birds (about 18 pounds each I believe), 96 deviled eggs, I guess over 50 stuffed mushrooms, two 5 gallon kegs, two pans of stuffing, a 5 lb. plus ham (glazed in a delicious cranberry/orange/pineapple), 5 pies, fluff, 20 lbs of mashed potatoes, and the list goes on and on. Obviously there were left overs, considering there were "only" 15 of us this year. Awesomeness.

Of course, there was a bit of excitement this morning. Apparently, some guy was cutting a tree for firewood, and took out a powerline while doing so, leaving the whole town of Rimini (about 30 people or so), w/o power. This resulted in a change of plans, and the turkeys had to be brought into Helena, half-cooked, and finished in town. Steph and Lisa were awesome, and opened up their home to everyone, and much fun was had by all. Yea for turkey day!


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