hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Debacle Dodged

Hmm, so I get to the airport about two hours early, and I'm walking up to the desk. I shake my head when the guy points me to one of the kiosks, and start to explain my situation. He cuts me off, asks for my name, and says "oh, I think we've got a seat saved for you . . . "

Anyway, after a bit of a back and forth, when my pass won't print, I get both my passes, and I'm set to go. Why they couldn't have just said this on the phone yesterday, so I didn't come to the airport way early is beyond me. (Which means I'll be spending about 5 hours waiting in airports today . . . *le sigh*)

On the other hand, at least the Reno airport has free wi-fi . . .

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