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buzzed, B&W
I just checked in for my flight to Helena tomorrow, flying on Delta. I was checking my seat assignments, and for some reason, was unable to select seats for my first leg, from RNO to SLC, though for SLC to HLN I had 2A.

I then go ahead and check in, and only get a seat request card to print out. I think this is slightly strange, and wonder why I didn't get a boarding pass for the connection, so I give Delta a call. After a frustrating 15 minutes speaking with an outsourced help desk (though the guys accent training was pretty good), I find out that I'll have to get my first boarding pass at the gate.

The painful part is that once I get to SLC, I have to leave the gates, go back to the Delta desk and check-in, then go back through security again to get to my departure gate. Asinine. It takes another five minutes, and asking my question a number of different ways, before the guy can tell me that there was no way for me to avoid this situation.

The real frustration with this guy (Robert) was that he sounded frustrated with me, even though I wasn't yelling, and was just asking questions as to what I had to do when I got to the airport, what I had to do in SLC, if there was anyway to avoid the situation in SLC, and is there anything I could have done differently so that I would get actual boarding passes. In fact, he even cut me off at one point saying "Look, listen to me . . . " as if he was talking to a child. Bleh for bad customer service.

Oh, he also told me this is why my flight had a 2.5 hour layover in SLC. I'm dubious to that claim, since I've had similar length layovers, and this is the first time that I'll have to go through the security dance at one of the hub airports.

I'm going to try and go early to RNO tomorrow, to see if one of the counter agents can help me avoid this debacle.