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Cal marching band
buzzed, B&W
The Cal marching band does some amazing stuff.

Here's a ska show they did with some Reel Big Fish (Sellout and Beer), Bosstones (Impression that I Get), and Goldfinger (Superman). They even have a small section start skanking around 6:30 in the video . . .

A video game show, where they start off with some pong, Tetris (and some pretty inspired marching), Mortal Kombat, some Zelda with a nice Triforce, and ending with a nice Super Mario medley (complete with the palace and flag lowering). Another view of the video game show, at the Cal v. Standford game.

And a Green Day show with Basketcase, Welcome to Paradise, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Poprocks and Coke (talk about picking a random song!), and American Idiot. (part 1 and part 2). Oh, and since I'm a Green Day fan, here's the Cal band playing American Idiot, pre-game.

This guy's got a pretty comprehensive set of the more recent stuff.

I can't imagine how much these guys must practice to do this many different shows in a given season - that's a lot of music to memorize (unclear whether they use lyres or not), and then all the drill.

Oh, and yea for the Bearcats pulling off a win last night! (Though let's not talk about all the missed field goals . . . )