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Bad crackers . . .
buzzed, B&W
Whoa . . . looks like someone was using a Democracy in Action server to send an email to all the students at George Mason that the election was moved to Nov. 5 (and thus trying to discourage them from voting).

There are two possibilites here:

  1. Someone at Democracy in Action thought they were being clever, but didn't even think to spoof their IP when committing this ridiculous act

  2. Someone hacked into a Democracy in Action server to do this . . . .
I'm leaning towards the first, but who knows for sure. FBI is apparently investigating.

What's really surprising here is that DIA looks to be pretty liberal, and their commercial arm has powered lots of Democratic campaigns.

I also find it appalling that schools have had to fight rumors that voter registration could be used to verify residency (which could ultimately affect financial aid).