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Dell Ultraportable
buzzed, B&W
So, Michael Dell was seen with an ultraportable back in May, and it looks like Dell's finally shipping it, as the Inspiron Mini 9. 9" screen, Intel Atom processor, solid state drive, 2.3 pounds, and it'll run XP or a modified version of Ubuntu. Dimensions are, in millimeters, 232 x 172 with the thickness tapering from 31.7 to 27.2. If we compared the Dell to the 9" EEE PC model, it's got a comprable footprint, but considerably thicker than the EEE PC's 225 x 170 and 20 to 33.8 mm.

Dell suggests 4 hours of battery life, while Asus suggests 4 hours for their EEE PC with the Atom processor. On the other hand the EEE PC's have higher capacity batteries at 4400 mAH vs. Dell's 3200 mAH, which makes me wonder a bit about these battery life claims . . .

Dell wins hands down on price though, as the equivalent EEE PC seems to around $550-600. I haven't done a true side by side comparison, but the Mini seems pretty slick. Once I free up some cash, it may be my next purchase . . .