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Google Chrome

So, Google's got a browser that's going to be released tomorrow - I'm assuming this is the project my brother has been working on that he hasn't been allowed to talk about till now. The comic book they sent out hit a bit early. I'm reading it now, and it seems to be really stressing the fact that it'll be faster, and more efficient with memory - separate processes, new JavaScript engine that compiles rather than interprets.

Increased speed and fewer leaks is always a plus. I do like that on page 18, they mention being able to move tabs between (or among) windows, a feature which I've found myself wanting.

I'm not sure I like the Omnibox, which sounds basically like the FF3 address bar. They address many of my concerns on page 20 - I'll reserve judgment till I try it I guess. Same thing with the new tab behavior. I've got a blank page because it's fast, but they're claiming that this will be fast too, and a better user experience. I'm dubious, as I'm so used to typing URLs, a visual/GUI selection process doesn't seem like an improvement. Nor does having my common search engines on the right, as I use Ctrl-L and keywords for my searches.

The other big issue for Chrome is entrenched behaviors - I like Office since I know the shortcuts, and consider myself a power user. Office 2007 irks me. I've also got a fair amount of plugins that have kept me from upgrading to FF3.

Anyway, should be interesting . . .

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