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iTunes Remote
buzzed, B&W
iTunes Remote is slick. I used to have my old linux desktop running Jinzora, which was pretty cool. Jinzora ran on top of the web server, and allowed me to connect to the machine and stream music off of it. That's not unusual for a lot of software, but the really nice thing about it was that it was also mpd aware, and would allow me to play files on that computer. In other words, while I would be on the wireless with my laptop, I could control what music was being played on the desktop.

iTunes Remote is similar, allowing you to control your iTunes from your iPhone. All your playlists show up, you can control the volume, etc. It's slick. I don't quite have the optimal set up, where I'd have a media PC that's attached to a home theater setup (all I have is my laptop), but I could totally see a couple great use cases - controlling music from your bed, from the kitchen while cooking, etc. Hell, it's almost enough to make me want to get an AirPort Express so I could put speakers in multiple rooms. (Of course, in my one bedroom apartment, that's not really necessary . . . but the seamless integration of the tech is slick.)